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The missions of our company,as a medical manufacturing company,are to give top priority to trust and technology,serve customers with good products,and make contributions to the country and society

Company history


2004. 08



2005. 05



2006. 06


2007. 03


2007. 06


2008. 01


2008. 12


2009. 01


2009. 06


2009. 07


2010. 10


2011. 03


2011. 11


2013. 08


2015. 01


2015. 12


2016. 03


The company was founded (and moved in to the Business Incubation Center at Kangwon National University).


Obtained the Korea Good Manufacturing Practice (KGMP) from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.


Registered as a Venture Business.


Launched 3 new products related to medical infusion systems.


Earned a Gangwon Provincial citation as a best patent company.


Acquired the INNO-BIZ Certificate.


Won the title of Export-Oriented Promising Small & Medium Business (SMB).


Obtained overseas certification in Europe (CE) and USA.


Established a corporate research center.


Designated as a Promising SMB.


Launched the portable AMTS.


Opened a branch office in Seoul.


Designated as a company that provides an alternative military service to researchers.


Earned the MAIN-BIZ Certificate.


Marketed a home skin regenerator (Tick Tok).


Reached the annual 1 million dollar export target (with the result of US1.4 mil.)


Launched a portable automatic medicine injection device (AQUA PEN).

Major milestones

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