Cosmetics most similar to human DNA

MPDRN ampoule


  • Specialized solution for MTS

  • PDRN : Skin Regeneration

  • Glutathione : Whitening, Anti-aging, Prevention of pigmentation

  • Hyaluronic acid : Moisturizer

  • Peptide : Wrinkle improvement, Elasticity improvement, Anti-aging

  • PDRN is a substance extracted from the testis of salmon. This is because its DNA components are similar to humans. So it is safe for the human body and has an excellent effect on skin regeneration. Cell growth and tissue regeneration of PDRN has been proven to be effective and safe through dermatology clinics. It helps to regenerate and grow the skin tissue damaged by aging, ultraviolet rays, acne scars and so on.


  • Volume : 5ml / 0.27 fl oz × 5

  • Components : 5 vials, 1 dropper

  • Ingredients : Water(Aqua), Sodium Hyaluronate, Glutathione, DNA,                                 Acetyl Hexpeptide-8, Palmitol Pentapeptide-4



MPDRN Ampoule

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